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Http Vault's Terms And Conditions

You, the user of the HTTP Vault web service, agree to use the HTTP Vault service for personal use only. You further agree that any and all files that you upload for temporary storage will not break any copyright or piracy laws. Furthermore you agree that any and all files you upload will not be used to harm anyone and not be used to cause personal or property damage. Any and all files you upload will not be used to assist in any kind of criminal or terrorist activity.

HTTP Vault web site and its service is not responsible for any damage, financial loss, or any other kind of physical, mental or other hardship you incur caused by the loss or corruption of the files which you upload or by the files being downloaded by a person, party, group or corporation which you have not authorized to download. Furthermore, HTTP Vault is not responsible for safe keeping of the files you upload to this web site. Any and all files which you upload can be lost due to accidents, upgrades, power outages, disk crashes, memory corruptions, or any other system administration activity or hardware failures on the server running the HTTP Vault web site.

HTTP Vault is located in Maryland USA and all laws pertaining to dispute will be covered by the laws of the state of Maryland USA. All resolutions to grievances will be done through the state of Maryland court system.